GHR Check In 3/3

The first check in of the new resolution/goals/habit forming plans! Let’s review from the list. Some items are crossed out, others added from the original.

In my lousy defense, I’ve had an interesting past month. Situations have happened behind the scenes that have affected me personally and is resulting in upheaval. I’m not letting myself off the hook yet, but next check in at 4/4 won’t look any better.

I signed up and trained a little bit for the warrior dash obstacle race but was not able to attend.


  1. Get another tattoo
  2. More camping
  3. More skinny dipping
  4. Learn Spanish more fluently
  5. Nude beach
  6. Join a book club
  7. 50 Books a year challenge
  8. Snail mail friend
  9. Volunteer
  10. Donate blood
  11. Re-register as organ donor
  12. Polar bear challenge


  1. Kickboxing
  2. Self-defense
  3. Yoga on the beach
  4. Sex on the beach
  5. Run on the beach
  6. More 5 & 10k races (signed up for Warrior Dash again)
  7. Consistent training
  8. Consistent nutritional training
  9. Hashing
  10. Hiking
  11. Geocaching
  12. Yoga (newly added!)
  13. Meditation (newly added!)


  1. Complete my book
  2. Photo essay on a topic I am passionate about
  3. Video log every month
  4. Leave inspirational notes everywhere
  5. Year in photos album
  6. Shoot more film
  7. Find my muse
  8. DAM



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