6-6 Waypoint Check-In + A New Challenge

6-6 Waypoint Check-In + A New Challenge

This is the 4th and last stop of my 11th month journey to create life-long habits for myself. The full write-up on this is hosted in the Archives.

I planned to take on this year-long trek up to December 12th (12/12) and to stop and reflect on my progress each month until then. So, how’d it go these past 4 months from February 2nd to June 6 (2/2-6/6)? Honestly, not well. In years past, I’ve spread myself too thin or chose unrealistic goals. This year it has been a lack of discipline. For example:

Nutrition & Training

I resolved to eat out less or eat healthier foods while targeting specific fitness training goals. But these have failed because I failed.

Yoga & Meditation

Non-existent due to an ankle injury that has aggravated me for almost a month.

Photography & Writing

I’ve blogged more recently, as well as journaled, but not at a pace that I’ve wanted. The past month there were a few photo walks, but I don’t think my mind or my ankle was up for them.

One Last Waypoint:

I feel like I could cut and paste these posts from one month to the next. What is the point of creating habits for yourself, checking in with supposed accountability with little progress to show in your journey?

I’ve taken an assessment now that I am about halfway through the journey, and it’s time to head back down the trail and try a different route. No more waypoint check-ins because it has not been a happy trail. So, what’s up next, then?

Well, that’s a post for another time. Thank you for joining me on the journey.