April Fool

April Fool
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Did you know that one of the possible origins of the April Fool tradition goes back to 1500's France? When they switched calendars to celebrate the new year on January 1 instead of April 1, the spring equinox, a lot of people were slow to catch on or recognize the change. Those people were the butt of jokes and hoaxes because they still celebrated the new year on April 1st. These gags included having paper fish attached to their backs and called "April Fish." As in an easily caught fish or a gullible person.

  1. Speaking of fools- have we learned nothing from the Patriot Act? Why the Restrict Act will be worse. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2023/03/30/bokhari-with-restrict-act-the-deep-state-seeks-to-beat-china-by-becoming-china/
  2. I finished a novel called "Station Eleven" which is now a series on HBO. Following that up with "Sea of Tranquility" that sums up three distinct time periods but are somehow linked.
  3. If you enjoy vintage sci-fi stories, there is a podcast called "Relic Radio" Sci-Fi that re-broadcasts radio dramatizations from the 1950's- 1960's. It is amazing that the same hopes and fears are realized back then and now. We haven't changed all that much.
  4. Currently watching the Battlestar Galactica space drama remake. This is a brilliant series that touches every aspect of human ethics, emotions, religion, politics all while fleeing annihilation from the relentless, equally brilliant Cylon race...the machines that humans created.
  5. If you haven't already, swing by YouTube to get "A Gentleman's Take" on a variety of topics. https://www.youtube.com/@AGentlemansTakePodcast/featured
  6. Want to lose weight? Do what I do and walk every day. I've seen the pounds drop and am getting closer to my goal weight.
  7. Just discovered this scene on one of my walks:

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