Image Featured in the "Calavera de Azúcar" section of the new website

In lieu of having enough time to go out and photograph something (anything!), I've been generating synthographs. Synthography is a method of generating digital media synthetically using machine learning. This is distinct from other graphic creation and editing methods in that synthography uses artifical intelligence text-to-image modeling to generate synthetic media. By using prompt engineering, text descriptions as input to creating a desired image. In simple terminology- type what you want to see and your artificially intelligent tools will create the image. Neat.

My new portfolio website, ART::ificial, ( is a companion to the Photo Denbow website.

I am continually creating new media and will post them there as often as I can.

In addition to creating synthographs, I will also be curating them into a mood board or inspiration board.

All this for no other reason than it was just for the hell of it.