Camera Minimalism

Camera Minimalism

Over the past thirty years, I still struggle in figuring out the ideal camera which will best suit my photographic needs.

I want a camera to always be ready to shoot, but I can’t always bring along a DSLR or mirrorless camera because they are bulky. And who wants to carry a big camera bag everywhere? This leaves out, my Nikon, Canon and Sony professional cameras.

The digital camera that does fit those criteria is the iPhone but it is not perfect, however it is currently the least bad camera which exists for my needs. This is the main reason I purchased the iPhone 13 Pro Max- not perfect but it is portable and does not need a bag.

I don’t plan on printing images taken from the iPhone so I can go ahead and minimize the format and the size of the photographs taken with it. Sure, I could shoot RAW images with the iPhone camera app, but why? Space is a premium, even though I have plenty of storage space on the iPhone and my external drives (future-proofing.)


I discovered too late, what it means to have a digital asset management (DAM) system. I can create all these photos, and publish/share them to but am currently limited by my hosting plan. This is not sustainable. Should I invest in an unlimited subscription to Flickr or SmugMug again? So for now, I’ll just shoot in a small, .jpg format to save space.

Future Usage

I want to eventually explore other platforms for publication such as audio and or video podcast, e-books, newsletters, digital zines, etc.