Extra Extra!

Extra Extra!

This website has a newsletter subscription. Now you too can get infrequent, rambling and just a tad insightful commentary on anything I feel like sharing in your e-mail inbox.

What will not be shared is your personal information, privacy, or advertising. I detest these violating practices and promise not to violate your trust.

So why a newsletter and why now? An easy question gets an easy reply: I am not on social media or writing to other publishing firms like I have in the past and therefore need to expand my “reach.”

The newsletter is a first effort hosted through my website and server host so it is def on the cheap. There will be a lot of learning, tweaks and formatting along the way.

The invitation to receive a newsletter <— can be done by clicking that link, will be at the bottom of every post (see below), and on the page footer (see even further below.)

This is a third option in an effort to connect and communicate using the tried and true internet protocols: e-mail, RSS and newsletter. Thanks for your interest!

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