Hacking A Reading Workflow

Hacking A Reading Workflow
Photo x human (me) & AI

You could say I enjoy reading. But what good is all of that time spent if I do not retain that input? I need a system for transforming reading into meaningful action and lasting insight.

Auxiliary Activity-

Other people would call this "hobby reading" but what's the point of reading if you cannot use expand your intellect and use alternative phrases? Fine, we'll call it "reading for fun." I use the Libby library app to connect to the three public libraries I am a member of. Here I can borrow any book title or audiobook that is available. Once borrowed, I will send the book to my Kindle e-reader for consumption. While reading, I can highlight text and even make a digital note about anything of interest to me. Anything I highlight or make note of gets automagically exported out of the Kindle and into my personal knowledge database that I call Grey Matter. From here I can link and backlink thoughts and ideas for later reference.

My Notes & Highlights exported from Kindle and displayed in Grey Matter

Reading For the Informed-

I also enjoy keeping up on the latest technology websites, photography trends, art trends and homegrown blogs like this one right here. I do that through the magic of RSS. With a website reader like Reeder or FeedBin, I can have hundreds of websites aggregate into one spot. They come to me, I don't go to the websites themselves. From there I can read an article, then either discard or save to read it later as a reference. Notes and highlights are made in there too, and sent off to Grey Matter for when I am ready. Tom Critchlow, refers to it as "digital bricolage" or "web foraging". Love it.

Highlighting, notes in the marginalia to the right and even the capability to listen to a written article. Cool!