Media Log- May 2022

“There is now a little question that how one uses one’s attention, moment to moment, largely determines what kind of person one becomes. Our minds, our lives are largely shaped by how we use them.” – Sam Harris

In other words, we are what we consume. I want to create a monthly log of my media consumption that tracks my passivity, and cultivates my creativity. Example: If I go further, I could map how reading a book sparks a desire to see a show based on it for a broader perspective. A podcast could point me towards a book I otherwise would have passed up.

I’ll attempt to track the shows and movies I stream (no cable service for me!), books I’ve read, podcasts/music I’ve listened to and the rare YT video I watch. This second edition to the media log rounds out the month of May.


The Toy

Top Gun

Top Gun 2

Worth the 30 year wait

Fifth Element


F1 racing- Barcelona

F1 racing- Monaco

Sergio Perez for the win

EUFA championship

Madrid 1-0 over Liverpool

Stranger Things S4 pt 1

Strange New Worlds

Books (April/May)

Laser Writer II

Debt- the first 5,000 years

The Utopia of Rules

Bullshit Jobs


Not Lost

iPhoneography Podcast


Streaming Audio Denbow playlist

That’s all for the month of May!