Media Log

“There is now a little question that how one uses one’s attention, moment to moment, largely determines what kind of person one becomes. Our minds, our lives are largely shaped by how we use them.”

Sam Harris

In other words, we are what we consume. I want to create a monthly maybe? log of my media consumption that tracks my passivity, and cultivates my creativity. Example: If I go further, I could map how reading a book sparks a desire to see a show based on it for a broader perspective. A podcast could point me towards a book I otherwise would have passed up.

I’ll attempt to track the shows and movies I stream (no cable service for me!), books I’ve read, podcasts/music I’ve listened to and the rare YT video I watch. Don’t judge me. I’ve been in bed for almost three weeks nursing an ankle issue(!) I may even expand this log to web links I’ve enjoyed and favorited for future use eventually. To kick off, I’ll just log what I can remember from April and May of this year.


  • Suspicion- Apple TV
  • The Machine That Kills Mean People- HBO
  • Severance- Apple TV
  • Outer Ridge- Amazon
  • Devs- Hulu
  • Tehran- Apple TV
  • Frasier- Hulu
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds- Paramount
  • Star Trek: Picard season 2- Paramount
  • Star Trek: Discovery- Paramount
  • Star Trek: Generations- Paramount
  • Reservoir Dogs- HBO
  • The Book of Boba Fett- Disney
  • The King’s Man- HBO
  • The Batman- 1/2 in theater, 100% on HBO
Strange New Worlds


  • Ghost Fleet
  • You Are An Artist
  • The Nowhere Man
  • Orphan X
  • Reliquary
  • Kaiju Preservation Society
  • The Return
Jurassic Park but bigger critters


  • Not Lost
  • iPhoneography Podcast
  • Dialogues
  • Focused
  • Mac Power Users
  • Music- I borrowed a lot of compact discs from the library to transfer music to my iPod. Remember those?
CDs and LPs