Mylio Photo Organizer

Mylio Photo Organizer
Screenshot of all the Mylio vaults stored on my external drives and devices

How the hell did this software program help organize thirty years of my photography archives in under an hour? Download, install and sign up for the 30-day free trial. And we're off!

Import From External Drives

I plugged in my 10TB external hard drive and pointed to where I wanted the photo copies stored inside Mylio. I am ecstatic to see all those decades of images in one library. Next I added the Archive Backup hard drive and did the same thing.

Import From The Mac

Next, I started importing photos from folders on my Macbook Pro. Not much there since I send the previous month's images to the Archives. Example: Only February 2023 is in the Photos Folder on the Mac.

Import From Apple Photos

Every image that is currently in Photos gets copied to Mylio instantly. A great addition to the 2TB iCloud storage and backup.

Import From Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos with Mylio

Ever since downloading all the photos I have posted to those social media accounts and then deleting those accounts, I have stored them away for safekeeping. The time has come where I have the ability to see them all in one place. Everything is organized by year and month. Boom.

Mylio breaks down all the file types, the quantity and the size. That's a lot of data!
Which camera or lens did I use the most? It rhymes with "chapel."
Where are all those photos of Boca chica beach? Well, just click and discover.

Organize, Sync, Backup

After adding all your photos, Mylio has a variety of ways to help organize. Date, keywords, favorites, geotagging etc. Once organized, Mylio syncs to the vaults stored on all of your devices.


I haven't played around with this too much because of the other, more professional tools I use but the capability to make basic edits is baked into Mylio.


This is a fantastic solution, one I wish I had discovered sooner. It is a time-saver, a life-saver and alleviates a lot of self-induced frustration at my lack of digital asset management. Once everything was imported and sorted, I then clicked "subscribe." Yes, it is another subscription, but it ticked all the boxes for my requirements of photo archive management.