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Hi! In case you are new around here, I am Chris. If you are new around here, here is something About Me and why you should read my newsletter. In this letter, I share what’s on my mind, my latest writings, articles worth reading from around the web, my recommendations & sometimes my photography.

Every now and then I receive an email stating “I think your readers would be interested in _____.”

While I am grateful for the comments and feedback, that is not how this personal website works. Initially I write for myself and occasionally people agree with me and find it useful. Thank you! I can fill this website with all manner of interesting topics to maximize an audience but by then it becomes click bait. Instead, I write about topics and themes that I am interested and then others may find interesting as well then they decide to share it. See the difference? By all means, keep sharing topics of interest so we can all benefit. This is the heart of the social internet.

The articles I write here are infrequently consistent. They are written when time allows. When silent I am either working the day job or reading/researching topics of interest to myself and then saved for later use and sharing here or in the newsletter. Ah yes, the newsletter. Every member (free!), will get an inbox notification for each post created here. I'm contemplating a weekly round-up of the aforementioned topics of interest and sharing them. The format will loosely a bit like this:

An Image
List of 5-10 topics, links, etc

  1. Interesting article from web
  2. Interesting article from web
  3. Another subject
  4. Link to interesting subject
  5. What I've read
  6. What I listen to
  7. What I watched
  8. A photo of something I discovered that week
  9. A relevant video
  10. Personal update

First, I check my website and see if there’s anything that I think is worth linking to. Then, I’ll check my log/journal for interesting topics, music, movies, or books, etc.
Then, I’ll review my Twitter feeds that I've saved to share. After that I will scour the feeds I've saved in ReadWise, Matter or Feedbin.

I want to send out a newsletter to interested parties about topics that I have actually read and am genuinely interested in.

If you don't already, you can click that subscribe button the website header or at the bottom of this article. I promise no spam, no advertising. Ever.