Personal Publishing Principles

Personal Publishing Principles

When’s the last time you went to an actual website to read a real article written by a human, without being slapped in the face by pop-ups, cookie warnings, ads, and lead-generating magnets? It’s past time to get back to the basics of the WWW. So, here are a few thoughts on how and why this website and extensions of itself exist. First off- This is a one man publishing house. So no one else to blame but me.

My Personal Site

Can be the best place to build relationships and network.

This is where I can offer my thoughts products and services best.

When someone does a web search of me, I’d rather project intentional information that I am responsible for and not some random post on social media to be taken out of context.

This is the best spot to test all my ideas/projects/products that I come up with. Not all will work, but those that do not will see a proof of concept.

This is my place where I can express myself (see below for my blog principles.) The newsletters, micro posts, blog articles, e-zines, presets and more are offshoots.

My Personal Blog

This is my personal site. There are many like it, but this one is mine. The content and style are uniquely my own in its content and style. All articles are not to be reflective of anyone else but myself.

The most successful websites reach out and share with others. Online friendships and networking opportunities have come from twenty plus years of writing.

There is no competition.

Thinking out loud in public builds trust and shows progress towards a successful idea.

Long and short form writing on a personal website gives you an honest glance inside a writer’s brain.

Building relationships means you share stories. Stories solidify relationships.

This website has oscillated between a personal journal, to honest product reviews and networking with others. There is no intent to show that I am an authority to speak on anything, or I know more than you. I am too humble for that.

This website will always be anti-advertising, anti-algorithms and anti-tracking.

This website and its maintenance help my brain.

Perfection, consistency, and expectations die here.

Failure and success will both be public here. New things are tried, most fail, but an effort to be anti-boring is strong.

My Personal Newsletter

The free newsletter is an extension of my personal website. It promises to be easily digestible, free-spirited, informal and informational.

An attempt at consistency will be made because people enjoy their routines. I’m leaning towards Sunday morning deliveries, just like the newspapers of old. Remember those?

Obscure links to points of interest, fun, hand drawn or photos shared with interesting illustrations.

The newsletter makes $0 and is not intended to spam for any amount of money. All products I share are free to use and retain a Creative Commons license ©© with attribution.

The newsletter’s intent is to share, build relationships, network, share, etc. There are no pay walls. This is to gather an audience only.

It’s a private email list. No information will be shared. Ever.

I write for only two people: you and me.

I curate information that is of interest to me. Not only that, but I share, and sometimes people enjoy them.