Philosophical Intelligence

Philosophical Intelligence
Thinking in qbits- image credit me (human) + AI

Anyone wishing to explore artificial intelligence first needs to study philosophy.

Eastern works such as Tau, western works such as the meditations of Marcus Aurelius, the Bible, and other modern day thinkers.

To understand and explore artificial intelligence, we have to explore the implications or consequences for this understanding and knowledge of ethics, consciousness, epistemology, intelligent problem-solving and most importantly, free will.  

While taking a couple of Stanford online courses on quantum theory, quantum computing and quantum mechanics, I was overwhelmed by the theories and possibilities. Quickly, those theories will become reality. An intelligent, conscious being driven by qubits and binary coding will exist. What would it's role be? Will it have a place among us? Will it have the same rights and freedoms that we do?

Something to think about because we can.