Public Phone

As opposed to griping about people on their phones, it may be best to make use of my own iPhone and discover some of those benefits. Some use cases that works for me:

Blog and write with the phone

I use iA Writer on all my devices to write these articles, then press send. From there it is automagically published to my websites.

Process Images

Reviewing my images on Apple devices with Apple Photos is so pleasurable that it reminds me of the analog photo contact sheets. For quick edits of images taken from the phone, to again, publishing them to my website(s.)

Voice Dictation

Forget Siri. I’ll occasionally use this tool for quick Notes or in the Reminders app. Bonus usage in iA Writer too. Writing and blogging by voice is almost 90% accurate so I need to talk slower and enunciate.

Successful test


Apple Books or Libby

Reading digital books with these apps is a joy. What better way to spend your time when you are waiting in line in public?