Random Thoughts

I like to borrow e-books from the library. If I buy a physical book, it will be only after I know it is a book I will love and come back to.This prevents me from buying and owning books I don’t love. Saves money too.

Life as an extrovert can be rewarding and exciting. A dual life as an introvert is quiet, inward, reflective.

I am not a perfectionist by nature. So why do I think my writing has to be perfect and hinder my creativity?

Words without action seems fraudulent to me. But here I am, a big fraud.

Am I following my desires or am I on cruise control?

The Soma,(mind-altering joy drug featured in the book “Brave New World”) is spot on for current events. Media, politics, social media, 24-hr “Breaking News”, etc, all distract us from what is real. Be wary, mindful and discerning with the intake of these drugs.

Mindful meditation and breathing reduces physical and mental concerns.

Our neural passages are malleable, meaning, we can change ourselves for the better if we choose to.

The easy path is way too easy. Challenge myself.

Being enthusiastic about something should be worth 20 IQ points alone.