Reading Hacks

Reading Hacks

I spent some time today to write a template script in Brainiac, my second brain, that will add metadata every time I want to review or take notes from a book. It’s simple but will save me a lot of time re-typing or cut/paste for every note.

I don’t know when Apple added a “Want To Read” option when looking through their book store but it is a must-have feature for me. In a physical bookstore I often take photos of the book covers as a reference for later. The problem with that is I rarely follow-up with those. Now I have a reference when I want to purchase or check to see if the library has a copy to borrow.

Lately I’ve been I’ve been reading about a page or two in bed and then quickly fall asleep.or it keeps me awake for hours! This adds a few days to my reading habit. My goal is to read a minimum of two books a month this year, with a lot of novels stocked up waiting on me so I have a lot to look forward to and complete that goal.

Also, I need to work on updating The Library page of this website more frequently.

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