Use What You Got

Use What You Got

Poor grammar in the title aside, I have some nice things. I’m fortunate and have more things than I could ever want. But somehow I’ve acquired more stuff this past year. I tinker and play with my toys and I like to try new things whether it be hardware, software, cameras, film, and other assorted thingamajigs. I like to see what is different or even better that what I have and use. I enjoy shiny things.

I need this on a sticky note or a pop up anytime I start looking for more things

After years of finding workarounds with inexpensive, cheaply made incompatible hardware or software, I’ve been fortunate enough to have everything I want and need. I have systems that talk to each other and give me joy. I have more cameras that I need and rarely use. I’m good on upgrading now because I made sure my things were the best I could afford and future-proofed them intentionally.

Now when I start looking for something new to allegedly assist me do something, I will remind myself, “Use what you got!” Only the essentials or something I do not have already. This includes cameras, computers, or insert new shiny thing here.

I have these things already and they work.