Video Denbow

Video Denbow

When I am not capturing portraits with my camera, I am documenting where I have been, what I am doing and the people I am with.

I want to start focusing on creating stories. Sure, there are a few photos that tell a story in themselves, but what about a montage of photos documenting the times individually and as a whole?

Then I started to think about that montage and how to combine a photo series to tell a story. And since video is all the rage these days, what with short attention spans, I looked for inexpensive video creating software that is compatible with my ignorance.

That is when I remembered I already have it installed on the iPad- iMovie, Apple’s stock video software application.

Dropping images into iMovie was so simple even a dummy could do it. I threw a couple of images in and the proof of concept is complete.

Now I cannot wait to capture more images and combine them either into a digital zine or a video. Probably both if the images are worthy!

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