A scary thought occurred to me during a 3AM quick stop to the bathroom and back to bed: “Do I want to maintain or keep my 22 year-old website?” I woke up a few hour later and wondered if I dreamt this, but then realized this was an idea worth considering.

I have always considered this website as a public journal. Yes, I have posted a ton of articles regarding my experience with the latest gadget or software. These were designed for me in mind to help look back and think, “okay, this was cool”, or “what the hell was I thinking?” But others throughout the social internet (NOT social media) have come to appreciate these articles as well.

I do not want to give up writing or journaling altogether and am thinking of keeping it local. Keep it simple, private and future-proofed in a .txt format inside Brainiac, the self-built database.

I’ll keep my web domain name and personalized email address, however. Having your own slice of the WWW is fantastic. My server hosting subscription runs out in late February 2023 so I have until then to decide.

That is in the future, I want to look at the present. Today is November 1 and instead of the usual crash and burn delusions of writing a novel every November, I’ll focus on writing a post here every day for thirty days in a row.

No-shave November is off to a great start. The beard is growing out every direction on the compass but it’ll trim up nicely. That’s it for today. Stay tuned for the 2nd of November’s post.